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Adventures in Nemacolin

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

It's spring break time right now, definitely wishing I was on a beach, but it's a pandemic so... trying to be safe! But, a month ago my family did a very uncommon vacation for us and actually did a winter vacation in Pennsylvania at the Nemacolin Resort and Spa, probably better known right now as the place where Matt James was the Bachelor. While we were there we enjoyed the resort to the fullest and did some snow activities. We're more beach people but going on this little road trip to Pennsylvania, which was very COVID safe was super fun and different for us.

My favorite part of the week was going snowtubing and skiing. This was my first time skiing and not gonna lie, it was a little traumatic. I had lots of battle scars, probably gave myself a concussion and was very close to needing to be rescued by the ski patrol people BUT, it was a pretty fun time besides all that. Also the lift was really fun.

Winter is winding down now, but if you're looking for a fun winter vacation in the future Nemacolin was a super fun place to be.



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