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LuvMe Hair Headband Wig

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Working from home presents a unique set of challenges, one of the biggest for me is what to do with my hair. I roll out of bed with a hair full of messy twists and I am not camera ready. I'm also not going to spend a bunch of time and waste valuable twist-outs and manipulate my hair because I'm sitting at home all day in my pajamas and have to hop on camera for an hour or two.

The package from LuvMe hair

See it's a dilemma! The easiest answer is obviously a wig (or protective style but those have to come out at some point), but I've never been a wig girl and I wouldn't want it to look really bad. So when I learned about LuvMe hair's headband wigs it seemed like the perfect fit for my needs. It's simple to put on and looks effortless good.

I picked the 18-inch jerry curl wig because the look is similar to how I usually wear my hair. It looks super natural and has cute curls to it. The package comes with a wig, a few different headbands, a comb, and a few goodies! The headbands are super cute and trendy. You can also of course use your own, which makes it

easy to customize to your style. When you get it the curls are tightly wound so I just carefully separated them to the desired volume that I wanted. I love for my curls to have the volume so I picked it out a good amount but not fully. I have also seen videos where the person wearing it loosens the curls a bit with water and brushes them out or goes the opposite direction and picks it out to the max. So there are options with how you want this wig to look best for you. You can see from the video how easy the curls are to separate and how soft they look.

Putting it on is super easy. It's not even necessary to cornrow your hair. I put it on when I had twists and just tied them back into a small bun. C The wig has four little combs that you use to secure it while you put it on and then you secure the headband attached to the wig. It's super easy and takes very little time. I loved the way it looked the curls are super soft and bouncy. Someone from work even complimented me about how good it looked. You can even switch the wig up by putting it in a ponytail/ puff or a half up half down look.

You can wash the wig like you would your own hair and it springs back. As a lazy natural who refuses to do their hair every morning for zoom work, this was a great addition to my morning routine. It's something that I'm planning on keeping around for those days when I don't feel like doing my hair when I'm called to the office IRL. It's effortless and cute, and perfect for wig beginners like myself. I would definitely recommend it to all my fellow low-maintenance hair girls out there.

Click here to shop the look

Use the code: laurentoofrosty for 23% off!

On that note,

If you weren't a wig girl, now you are.


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