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Supporting Black Creatives

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

I’m always in awe of what Black people can accomplish. But Black History Month pumps up that awe by like 5X. With this crazy year something that has been so important to me is creative outlets, whether its creating something about Black Lives Matter or the pandemic or something small the brightened by day (rare this year, I know) creativity acts as a release. Creativity also is something that you can share with others, you never know when something that you create and share with the world will inspire someone else. This being the end of Black History Month I wanted to spotlight some creatives who’s work inspires me and who everyone should support year round!

Amina Symone Photography - Amina is a multi-talented creative who does photography, writes, and creates a podcast. Her podcast “This Is For Us...By Us” focuses on Black women who just so happen (and not by chance) to be creatives and entrepreneurs in an evolving digital world.In her photography Amina likes to focus on capturing Black life and being there to capture people’s meaningful moments. She began her photography journey at 16 by taking pictures of her friends clothing designs. Since then she has been learning more about the craft. She believes that for historically marginalized groups, it is imperative that we are committed to having a snapshot of what makes us…us. What I love about their art: Amina always tells things like they are! She is confident in the stories she tells and she does it extremely well, she also pays so much attention to the details which really make the story come together.

Big Mouth Creative - Lauren Hamilton is a self-taught designer and founder of the independent creative studio Big Mouth Creative. Big Mouth Studio specializes in brand identity, illustration and social media strategy. ⁠Lauren has realized the importance of creating designs that SPEAK. She creates designs with intention and purpose that help her clients reach their goals and resonate with their audience. She named her business “Big Mouth” because the people her know that she loves to talk and always something to say.⁠ I love the vibrancy that is evident in her personality and her work. She also provides really great tips on building a brand and walk throughs of her creative process!

New Day Media - New Day media is focused on designing memorable and unique brands for small businesses. Provide high-quality graphics for small businesses and personal clients. Ianthe a 21 year old , and I’m located in Maryland is the creator of New Day Media. She is a self-taught designer and works a 9-5 as a Digital Associate for a political communications firm. Some fun facts about Ianthe! Her favorite city is NYC, she loves taking pics with her disposable cameras, and she’s a self-proclaimed foodie. What I love: From illustrations to informative graphics about Black Lives Matter New Day Media really can do It all. I also love how informative the captions are and how Ianthe often uses her creativity to inform others and stand up for what she believes in.

Dani Draws - Daniel is a illustrator and graphic designer who currently attends UDC. Ever since he was a kid art was made familiar to him. Both of my parents could draw and he wanted to be just like them. When his parents separated the only way he knew how to express his feelings was through art. Over the years he’s lived by this idea that everyone can draw , it’s just that some of us practice and he has worked hard to hone his talents with practice. Now he lives by the idea that “helping others learn art and helping bring peoples dreams to life with my art. Art is my escape and entry in this world.” What I love about Daniels work is the color and the detail he puts into his art. He truly makes his art come alive and is able to do it in so many ways as well.

Mal's Graphic Content - Mallory is a graphic designer and a student at the University of Maryland. She created Mal’s Graphic Content as a way to share her passion for graphic design. She works to express and support other peoples ideas by turning their ideas into a visual reality. She has a niche in designing for brands and small businesses. Mallory has done graphics for student groups, entertainment groups, youtubers, rappers and producers. She also believes that as a Black woman creative it is her responsibility to unapologetically uplift the voices of her people. Mallory also teaches photoshop courses to help others, especially UMD students (who have free access) to make their creative visions come true. Mallory has a strong voice that comes through in her graphic design. All of her designs have layers to them that has so much energy.

DJ Cheex - Elijah was given the nickname Cheeex as a kid for his chubby cheeks and has turned that nickname into his stage name. Elijah both performs as a DJ and created his own radio station where he drops his own mixes and interviews local artists. Dj Cheex began his musical journey at the age of 6 where he began playing instruments around the house. With family hailing from Trinidad and Tobago he was first introduced to the steel pan and mastered many melodies before the third grade. At 14 he began mixing using VirtualDJ on his family computer and has consistently demonstrated his love for music and the art of DJing since. He enjoys the power of music and the way it brings people together from all different backgrounds. Looking into the future Dj Cheex plans to continue his producing and mixing and establishing his own sound system with other DJs. What I love about DJ Cheex is that he has a big personality and it comes through in the mixes her creates and the vision he has for his brand.

Black creativity, just like Black people is not a monolith.These are a few of the many talented Black Creatives in my circle definitely support them all by giving them a follow and enlisting their services for your next creative venture!

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