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Let’s visit Seattle

Updated: May 2, 2023

Seattle felt like the perfect escape from the city, despite being a giant city. I found Seattle to be a perfect mix of nature in the city. From the bustling, beautiful city you're engulfed by the tray and with mountains. I loved it. It really felt different than any U.S. City that I've been too. I was in Seattle visiting my sister for 4 days and it was jam packed.

Here's somethings to do next time you visit Seattle!

First stop in the city is the world-famous Pike Place Market this is the oldest public market in the country. My favorite part of the market is all the beautiful flower bouquets. 2nd is the fresh fruit is third the dudes throwing fish all over the place. The market also has lots of people selling handmade crafts as well as a lot of great restaurants with fresh seafood. The market also has pretty good views of the bay 's mountains.

Another place to go near the market, really attached to it, is the infamous gum wall. the name says it all. It's actually a wall of gum. Chewed up nasty gum. It's so nasty. Worth seeing if you're into that kind of thing, that’s why I had to see it, because the nastiness is novel. We listened in to a tour guide who said that the wall was actually outside of a theater and there was no gum allowed so people used to stick it onto the wall before they went in and it just continued to grow from there.

There's a lot in that area so while you're at the market you can also find the original Starbucks. It doesn't look like much but there will be a very long line. The only big difference that I could tell was a weird mermaid logo, other than that everything looked like the next Starbucks on the block. If you like lines though, this is the place for you. Jk, but for the Starbucks lovers it's nice to take a quick picture. There is also a Starbucks Reserve Roastery, which was a nicer more unique experience. Here theres a menu of food and drinks that is much more extensive. There's a range of regular coffee drinks to alcoholic coffee milkshakes and Starbucks espresso martinis. It has so many different options, milkshakes, desserts, snacks, cocktails all with a Starbucks coffee twist.

Now, if you take a short walk, you'll get to the warf and pier area. There you will find more places to eat and activities. We did a boat tour of the the Puget Sound. The tour guide talked about the construction of the city and some of the nature out on the bay. The director did a great job of keeping everyone engaged. I also just loved being on the water.

Right on the pier there's the Seattle Aquarium. What is unique about this aquarium is that it featured a lot of Seattle native aqua animals. So, we saw a lot of Salmon. I liked it, I especially enjoyed the otters, they really sold the show for me. Another stop in that area is the Ferris Wheel. I had some time to kill while my sister was working so I jumped on. I'm a sucker for a spinning wheel. On this one you could see views of the city including the space needle on one side and the giant Mount Rainer on the other, which was pretty cool views.

At night we had dinner at PhoShizzle, a great Vietnamese Pho place in the University District, which was close to where we stayed. After that we went to GasWorks Park, an industrial park at the site of the former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant. The park has great views of the Seattle skyline and is great to unwind and have a little wine.

On our last day them we got out of the city's visited Snoqualmie Falls. I learned that this is the largest waterfall in the U.S. at first, we were a little underwhelmed. we parked near the observation decks at the top of the falls so once we saw it it was like an "oh, that's it?" type of moment. But there is a very hilly short hike you can take to the bottom where you can get even better views is check out the river it runs into. I enjoyed the view at the bottom much more so if you're up for it do a little walk to the bottom or you can park at the bottom and walk up to the observation deck.

On this trip we were also working so that’s what we were able to pack in during the between times and the weekend. I also got to spend some time with my sister and her friends so we spent most of our evenings in someone else's apartment. When I come back I definitely want to experience more of the night life and bars. We also got to see the Microsoft office, which is really a campus and drove through Bellevue to stop for sushi. Overall, l enjoyed the city and loved that we could get city food and activities with a taste of the outdoors as well. Seattle is the perfect balance for city dwellers and nature lovers.

Other activities we wanted to do but didn't get to

- Kayaking

- Space Needle Tour

- Hot tub boats

- Mount Rainer

- Museum of Pop Culture

- Glass Park



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