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Welcome to 2022

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

2021 was quite a year for me with a lot of big changes. I graduated college, started my first job, moved to a new city, and visited 3 new countries! And most of that was in the last six months after we got a little freedom from COVID.

I also made strides towards documenting my experiences and life on this blog. I started this blog when I was in college as a way to put my thoughts into the world and this year I want to continue growing my blog and my voice. As we go into the new year I have many ideas on what I want to write about on here and share with whoever is listening.

Often I hear the advice for blogging that you should try to find a niche, and over the past year, I’ve thought a lot about that and what I want to focus on. I’ve kinda come to the conclusion that I don’t have one thing that I want to focus on. I’m interested in so many different things and I think that this is a space to share those interests. Throughout our lives, we collect so many different interests and knowledge and I think like me, most people don’t like to be pegged to just one thing. That being said there are some things that I am hoping to focus on this year.

  1. Growing into myself: A big focus for me this year is being a better version of me rebuilding myself. I feel like with the pandemic it was easy to get out of routines and ambitions that I had before and now, even though the pandemic is still very much here, I’m ready to get back to the old me but honestly the new and improved me. I have so much to learn as a young adult on my own. I have a lot to learn about living in a new city, managing finances, and even just taking care of myself. All of this is going to require an openness to grow.

  2. Traveling: Ever since I was young and traveling with my family I’ve loved going to new places and discovering the world. I genuinely think it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. As a young adult, I’ve been traveling through different programs at my college and now by myself.

  3. New experiences: I live in New York now, a place known for new experiences and all of the things to do. I’m hoping to document some of my favorite adventures through the city on here as well as on. My IG and TikTok (@Laurentoofrosty)

  4. Books! I was one of those kids who read at recess and under the desk during school. I'm bringing that kid back and looking forward to sharing some of my favorite reads

Honestly, all of these are super important to me and I’m looking forward to writing about them and sharing my experiences. But, my biggest goal for this year is just to enjoy life. To enjoy the small moments and the big ones and to take more time to find new passions and love. 2021 taught me that life moves fast and that it can be unpredictable, we have to take the time to do things that excite us and that make life worth it. I used to think that those things would just come to you, but now I think that excitement and joy are things that you have to actively seek out. I’m hoping that they won’t be too hard to find.

On that note,

Here’s wishing everyone a happy and successful 2022!



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