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What makes this year different.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Every new year is a chance for a new opportunity. But this year, it feels like the most important chance ever. 2020 was a tumultuous year for us all. It forced us all into situations that we wouldn't even imagine. It took away experiences that I had been looking forward to for a long time. It also forced me to take a hard look at myself, it forced me to get in touch with my feelings, to recognize them and to do something with them. I've felt every emotion in the book this year, and I've learned how I deal with them. I felt the joy of getting my first job and graduating college, relief for the safety of my family. I've felt anger as I watched countless Black lives be taken away for no explainable reason. And i've felt anxiety and fear, over and over and over again, more than I would have liked.

This year in all the things taken away because of COVID-19, I was able to create a clearer picture of what I want my life to be. It showed me what is important and that when it comes to the things that are important that there really isn't time to waste. I've realized that the biggest thing that I want out of my life is the chance to build different experiences. I want to be able to explore and try new things, I want flexibility and most importantly I've learned that there is not enough time for us to hold ourselves back, we have to go for the things that we want. We can't be embarrassed about them, we can't be passive, because we really don't know when those chances to get what we want from life will pass us by.

On another level what makes this year different is that it's my turn to enter the real world. I'm graduating college, starting my career and moving away from the identity that I've had as a student for most of my life. I'm starting to build my own career, I'm truly defining my own path and my own wants and needs. I'm getting ready to move out of the place that I've always known, into a huge city full of dreams and goals. I'm starting to create my own

What sets this year apart is the experiences that I've had leading up to it, they've been nothing I've ever expected to experience, or anyone has. What sets this year apart is the courage that I'll have going into it the next after facing unprecedented difficulty. What also makes this year different is the intention that I've set for this year to be better than the best.



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