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What to do in Houston, Texas

What to do in Houston, Texas

Houston is one of those places that I cannot stop hearing about so, I got on a plane and went to see what all the hype was about. Houston is the 4th biggest city in the US and the biggest in the south. Houston is known for its space center and lots of really great food. We spent about two and a half days exploring the city. Here's what we did!

Where to stay

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Houston. Staying downtown is pretty popular and central to everything we did. We didn’t rent a car and instead chose to uber around and walk. There is also some public transportation in Houston but we didn’t utilize it. From downtown, the majority of the Ubers we took were about $10 going towards the museum district and midtown. The most expensive Uber that we took was from the airport and that was around $40. Other popular areas to stay in are midtown and the galleria.

What to do

Houston Downtown Aquarium — I’m obsessed with animals and the Houston Aquarium was walking distance from our hotel so after settling in we walked through downtown to get there. The aquarium is super cute because it's also a space with rides and other activities for kids. The Aquarium itself is nothing too crazy or unique, there are some fish, frogs that kind of thing. The best parts are that there is very randomly a white tiger and there’s also a place where you can touch the stingrays. The museum is about $15 and took us less than an hour to go to. Not highly recommended but if you have some free time to fill, or if you have little kids who may like the part of the ride, give it a go.

Cockrell Butterfly Garden — Now this place was beautiful. It is about $12 to go into the

butterfly garden and it's like being transported to a different, more beautiful, peaceful, and butterfly-filled landscape. There’s a quick intro of everything you need to know about butterflies and then you go into the gardens. We were there on a Sunday so it was a teeny bit crowded but still incredible. I loved seeing all the butterflies flitting around and trying to identify them from the list.

Graffiti Walls— This was a super quick stop for us but if you like Houston-themed art this is the place to go.

McGovern Centennial Gardens — After the butterfly garden, we spent pretty much the whole day here walking around. There are some beautiful gardens to walk through and a lake area with boating and a little train ride as well.

Things we didn’t do but were recommended

Waterfall wall

Horseback riding

Houston Space Center

Houston Zoo

Where to eat

Eating was one of our main activities while we were in Houston and the food in the city did not disappoint.

Aquarium Restaurant — We ate here our first night and I thought it was a cool (and kinda funny) dining experience to be eating in an aquariums seafood restaurant. The food was pretty good, they recommend the fish of course, and the portion sizes were huge. The main draw for me was the unique dining experience and I loved being able to watch the fish swim around while we were eating. I hope they didn't feel too awkward watching us eat fish.

Post-Houston — Post is a food hall where we spent most of our third day in Houston while we worked. There are all types of options here to eat and a beautiful rooftop with views of the city. There are also plenty of desserts to end your day

The Pit Room — We asked about 5 different people and they all said this was the best place to go for BBQ in the city and all said the Pit Room, so when we went expectations were high. It didn't disappoint, the place looks pretty unassuming but the BBQ was so good. They have plates where you can mix and match sides and different types of BBQ with sides. It's a great way to sample a bunch of different meats. My favorite was the brisket, which was melt-in-your-mouth quality.

City Cellars Brunch -- For me, a weekend is not complete without a good brunch. I picked City Cellars after seeing it on Tiktok and enjoyed the experience. One of the main draws was their $1 mimosas (or $10 for a carafe). The food there was amazing, we got the shrimp and grits and the crab cake benedict with these giant fried mac and cheese balls. I was pleasantly stuffed afterward.

Truck Yard - This is more of a drinking spot but they did have food trucks. Truck Yard is a super cute outdoor bar area that looks like it could be, well, a truck stop. The decor is very on theme and we had a great experience. We went on a Monday night so it wasn't very crowded so we made our way around the whole place. They have rooftop seating, truck seating, and cute coves for you and your friends to sit. They also have games like ping pong and even have a, very dangerous-looking, carousel. The vibes there are immaculate and the drinks are strong and tasty. This was one of my favorite places that we went to, and we stayed for a while playing ping-pong, listening to music, and talking. This spot is also near a few other bars and restaurants as well as the graffiti walls so you can explore the area as well.

Houston was a great change of pace (and weather) from NY and I enjoyed our trip. There are a few more things that I would want to check out including a few more brunch and nightlife places but it was a great weekend getaway and checks another state off the list! Hopefully this list of things to do in Houston will help you plan your next trip!

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