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Rainbow Drink Challenge

The challenge is simple; finish a drink from every color of the Rainbow. Yep, seven drinks, all different colors. We did this at an all inclusive resort in Mexico, which made it easy and inexpensive to get all the drinks. It could also be fun to do at home or at a get together as all the drinks were pretty simple to make!

Full disclosure, I kinda failed this challenge. I couldn't drink every last drop of all the drinks and I took a mean nap before the last drink. It still made for a good time! Especially since I turned 21 during COVID it was a great chance to try different drinks I hadn't tried before.

Here's the drink list and our reviews:

Red: Strawberry Mojito

With the Strawberry Mojito you're starting off with something that's refreshing, light and super easy to drink. This was my first time with a mojito and it was delicious. In fact, we had two, probably where we started going wrong.

Ingredients: Limes, mint leaves, strawberries, Rum and Club soda

Orange: Fanta & Tequila

I guess our reasoning with this was that since it was such a simple drink we would do a double shot to make it a little more spicy?? I don't know why we thought that was a good idea because it was strong. Still we were able to finish this one.

Ingredients: speaks for itself

Yellow: Pina Colada

It was fun to switch it up with a sweet frozen drink, but we did have to drink it fast since we were out in the sun. Drinking it fast made brain freeze an additional negative of this one.

Ingredients: Rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice, frozen pineapple chunks, ice and a blender

Green: Scooby Snacks shot

Shake it up with a shot! Makes it easier and faster to get the drinks down, plus this is a fun one. It is sweet and refreshing because of the melon flavor.

Ingredients: equal parts Malibu Coconut Rum, melon liqueur, banana liqueur, pineapple juice, and whipped cream

Blue: Blue Lagoon

This is when it started to get a little shaky with the drink challenge. I wasn't a big fan of this drink. I thought it was too tart but tried to power through.

Ingredients: Vodka, blue curaçao, lemonade

Indigo: Sex on the beach

Another shot!!!This could be a shot or a drink. It is fruity and was my second favorite drink after the mojito. Plus they made this one as a frozen shot too so it went down very smoothly.

Ingredients: Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange juice, Cranberry juice

Violet/ Purple: Purple Haze

I was not a fan of this one. Maybe it was the taste and maybe it was because it was the last drink after a long nap but the challenge did not end on a high note.

Ingredients: Vodka, Gin, Blue curaçao, lime juice, soda water

If you do better than me in the challenge let me know!


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